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Battery Operated Front Load Smoke Alarm

Battery Operated Front Load Smoke Alarm

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Utilizes ionization technology to detect invisible fire particles . Sounds an early warning upon the detection of smoke . Wireless technology uses a radio frequency to communicate potential hazards . Hush feature silences nuisance alarms . Push-button operation tests alarm's circuitry, horn and battery function . Reset feature resets memory after an alarming condition occurs . Requires a 9-Volt battery to operate (21025830) . Locking mechanism on back of alarm deters tampering or theft of battery . Front-load battery compartment will not close if battery is installed incorrectly . Suitable for residential and commercial applications

The Kidde i9070 Battery-Operated Front-Loading Ionization Smoke Alarm utilizes ionization-sensing technology to detect when smoke is present in your home or business. This important safety device offers a front-loading feature to facilitate battery replacement and to help protect from theft or tampering there is a locking mechanism located on the back of the alarm that locks the battery compartment. Test the unit's functionality easily with a simple push and hold of the test button and should you need to perform interior maintenance the face plate readily twists off.

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