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Estracell HD Scrub Sponge Utility (Case of 24)

Estracell HD Scrub Sponge Utility (Case of 24)

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  • $ 3997

Removes the toughest grime and grease . More wear and tear resistant . Rinses cleaner . Dries faster

The industry standard for heavy duty scouring. The green non-woven fiber side is impregnated with aluminum oxide grit to scrub off the toughest grime and grease. The Estracell sponge side easily wipes up and rinses dirt and food particles down the drain. Independent test results demonstrate that bacteria will not feed and survive on the sponge fibers of Estracell sponge material...Naturally! Also, the unique cell structure rinses cleaner and dries out faster, eliminating the perfect breeding condition for bacteria and fungal growth. These qualities make Estracell...More Sanitary.

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