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Smoke-N-Sear 788 sq. in. Pellet Smoker and Grill

Smoke-N-Sear 788 sq. in. Pellet Smoker and Grill

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1 of a kind the only pellet grill design (patented) that allows for direct and indirect cooking of your food over real wood flame . Also unique in that it is the only 1 of its kind to be safety tested and approved to UL standards, giving you the peace of mind that others just can't offer . 3 cooking zones: a direct area, over the flames, for high-temp grilling; an indirect (i.e smoker) area and a top grate area for convection cooking/warming . Over 785 sq. in. of cooking space, more than many of the others out there . Cast iron grate on direct cooking side leaves great-looking sear marks . Long-lasting nickel plated wire grates in the indirect cooking zones discourage food from sticking . Double-door design allows for easy access and checking 1 cooking area at a time . Easy access hopper (side mounted) holds 18 lbs. of fuel more than enough for overnight smokes . Our famous auto-start 1-touch ignition means safe, dependable starts every time . User-friendly, push button digital control board allows for precise temperature choice in 5° increments . Trouble-free smoking perfect for setting up long smoker sessions that you don't have to constantly monitor . Trouble-free smoking means that the control board is designed to keep the cooking temperature as steady as possible, even measuring the ambient air temperature surrounding the grill and adjusting the fuel rate as necessary . Convenient grease container and front-mounted ash drawer for easy cleanout . Heavy duty, long-lasting 14-Gauge steel construction for years of enjoyment . 2 large casters coupled with 2 stationary legs allow for easy relocation of the cooker, without making it unstable . Can reach over 700° in the direct (grilling) zone . Foolproof controls let you cook like a BBQ pro . Quick and easy assembly . bProtect your investment with a grill cover (sold separately)/b . High Quality Protection Plan:

After you try our wood pellet grill and experience the easy, delicious results, you’ll find that this is the only outdoor cooker you'll ever need. It takes the place of a gas grill, charcoal grill and wood smoker, combining the best of each product with 1-touch lighting (like a gas grill) and slow-cooked, fall-off-the-bone taste (like a professional smoker). The food really does taste better than any gas or charcoal grill can manage. The grill’s design is safer than a gas or charcoal grill, since there is no gas involved and no large bed of hot coals. In fact, it is the only one of its kind to be safety tested and approved to UL Standards, giving you the peace of mind that others just can’t offer. Our unique, patented design also means that you won't find another product out there that allows for this kind of direct (over-the-flame) as well as indirect (slow-smoking) cooking in the same package. And the fact that it uses natural, flavored wood pellets means that you'll enjoy the great smoke ring and flavored taste that the pros do. Finally, we’ve put many hours of R and D into our digital control system (we believe it is the best in the industry, bar none). The push-button board allows you to set temperatures in increments of 5° for maximum accuracy and it has our own ‘Trouble-free Smoking’ convenience so that you can actually spend time with your friends and family while you cook and - even though you aren’t a professional chef - they won’t have to know.

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