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8 oz. Sculpwood Two Part Epoxy Putty Kit with 4 oz. Resin and 4 oz. Hardener

8 oz. Sculpwood Two Part Epoxy Putty Kit with 4 oz. Resin and 4 oz. Hardener

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Makes permanent repairs . Superior bond to wood and most porous materials . 100% waterproof . Will not shrink or become brittle . Exceptionally easy to sand . Can be machined, routed, drilled turned just like wood . Will hold screws and nails . Excepts all common primers and paint

SculpWood Putty from System Three Resins, is a moldable, clay like epoxy putty for the repair of wood that has been gouged, split or damaged by rot and abuse. Use it to fill nail and screw holes, and replace missing wood sections on moldings, window casings, turnings, fascia boards, etc. SculpWood Putty is exceptionally easy to use, and when cured can be sanded, carved and machined just like wood. It holds fasteners well and will accept most primers and paint. SculpWood Putty is 100% waterproof and is ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Unlike other similar products SculpWood Putty contains no solvents, water or VOCs. It cures entirely by chemical reaction and will not shrink or become brittle over time. This solvent free formula gives SculpWood putty unlimited shelf life. Its bond to wood and other porous materials is superior making for permanent repairs that save time and money. SculpWood Putty has been specified by architects and used by professional restoration contractors to permanently restore woodwork on many important homes, buildings and other wooden structures. Each kit includes two equal size containers, one of resin (part A white) and the other of hardener (part B brown). The resin and hardener are mixed in a ratio of 1:1. Both work like soft clay and are easy to measure; simply make two balls of equal size and knead together until a uniform color is achieved. Use it anywhere you need to patch or replace missing wood. It will not run, drip.

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