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Professional Video Splitter (4-Port)

Professional Video Splitter (4-Port)

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  • $ 5099

Duplicates a Single VGA Signal for up to 2 VGA Outputs . Supports VGA Bandwidths up to 350mHz and Resolutions up to 1920 X 1680 with Effective Transmission Distance up to 65m . Delivers a Clear, Sharp Signal from a PC to VGA, SVGA and Multisync Displays, Projectors and More . Cascades up to 3 Levels to Expand Signal Distribution to More Displays . Automatic Power Save Helps Conserve Power until VGA Signal is Restored . Requires No Configuration . 4 Ports

Easily distribute a single VGA signal to multiple displays;The MANHATTAN Professional Video Splitter with built-in booster streams a single VGA signal from a personal computer or other VGA-equipped source to up to four displays. Ideal for trade shows, classrooms, video conferencing and presentations and retail applications, the MANHATTAN Professional Video Splitter is a good choice for splitting and distributing a signal to multiple displays when source equipment is remotely stored in a secured room or cabinet. Cascade multiple units up to three levels to output VGA signals to additional displays in widely distributed applications. The gold-plated contacts and fully-shielded metal case ensure reliable signal transmission with less degradation.

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