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12 ft. Dust Barrier System Kit

12 ft. Dust Barrier System Kit

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Pro-quality and durability, sets up fast, no tape, no staples, no ladders . No damage to finished surfaces . Create a 30 ft. barrier with one person in under 5 minutes . Everything you need to set up a dust barrier - 4 spring-loaded poles, 2 Foam Rails, 1 box Standard Zippers, 1 Carry Bag . Height ranges from 4 ft. 7 in. to 12 ft., accepts sheeting up to 8 mils thick . SLP poles are clear anodized and weigh just 1.5 lbs. each . Foam Rails, push plastic sheeting at the ceiling for improved dust containment

Each ZipWall 4 Pack Plus kit (4PL) contains four 12 ft. aluminum Spring Loaded poles (SLPs) and accessories, 2 Foam Rails, 1 box of Standard Zippers, and 1 Carry Bag. That makes the 4 Pack Plus a great dust barrier kit for contractors, maintenance crews and home owners. The ZipWall system means fast easy installation. A 30 ft. long 11 ft. high barrier takes 1 hour to build using conventional methods. With the ZipWall system, the same dust barrier can be completed by one person in under 5 minutes. And since no tape or staples are used, costly repairs to painted surfaces are eliminated.

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