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2060 Polycarbonate Window Well Cover

2060 Polycarbonate Window Well Cover

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  • $ 57900

Safely holds up to 500 lb. . Designed for easy emergency escape . Allows in sunlight to brighten your basement . Keeps out leaves and other debris to eliminate constant cleaning . Improve the look of your home . 7 year warranty

The Wellcraft 2060 polycarbonate well cover opens easily from both the inside and the outside, but also adds a level of protection by helping prevent children and pets from accidentally falling in. It has a durable 4-point hook-and-loop system that fastens the cover in place. While the covers resist even hurricane-force winds, they remain very easy for a firefighter to pop open for rapid response into a basement. Our crystal-clear, UV-inhibited polycarbonate covers allow unobstructed sunlight to reach the basement. By keeping out leaves and other unsightly debris, covers help sustain a beautiful look and clean environment. This cover is the perfect cover for our 2060 Window Well.

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