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200/303 Series Smoke Stop Filter

200/303 Series Smoke Stop Filter

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  • $ 9995

Our nontoxic polypropylene filter contains millions of ultra- thin fibers that trap tiny particles as they pass through the pleats . Compatible with select Blueair air purifiers-Including 200 and 300 series models . 3-stage progressive filter-Utilizes a first layer that captures larger particles, including dust, while the second and third layers capture smaller particles, including bacteria . Filter design-Resists clogging for continuous filtration at peak performance levels . Highly activated carbon-Ideal for use in rooms with heavy pollutants

Blueair 200 Series Smoke Filter is the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and other health-conscious individuals that need high-efficiency particle removal plus gas and odor control. The SmokeStop filter is a progressive carbon filter with a honeycomb-type structure that improves airflow and has hundreds of odor and gas absorbing carbon pellets. The filter contains 2.0 lbs. of activated carbon. The carbon eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are responsible for odors.

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