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14 in. Tubular Skylight with Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Roof Lens

14 in. Tubular Skylight with Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Roof Lens

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Skylight captures outside light above your roof and tunnels it indoors to help reduce daytime energy use . Double paned leak proof window lens design provides clean, bright sunlight with the peace of mind that your roof, attic and ceiling will remain protected . High impact resistant, double pane polycarbonate roof lens is 250 times stronger than acrylic for superior protection against hail . Effectively illuminates 150 sq. ft. of interior space . No reframing or major structural alterations are necessary to install the skylight tube. An installation professional should be able to install the product in about two hours or a home owner in a single afternoon . Stylish square low profile roof lens is an industry first and redefines style in the tubular skylight market . One piece, sleek, roof lens flashing blends with any roof type and is a visually stunning improvement over traditional dome shaped tube lights allowing for a leak proof installation . Natural light enhances mood, mental and physical well being, concentration, and overall energy . Double layer roof lens creates a dual pane effect minimizing solar heat gain and maximizing energy savings . Extended 8 ft. flexible tube allows the skylight tube to be installed just about anywhere . Integrated roof flashing with flexible tube allows for easy installation by professionals or homeowner

A Skylight Tube with High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Roof Lens from U.S. Sunlight adds clean natural light to any room in your house while also enhancing the appearance of your roofline. With our revolutionary new square dome design, you no long need to hide traditional round bubble skylights on the backside of the house. Show off your upgraded roof appearance with our attractive and functional Skylight Tube. With the included 8 ft. flexible tube, tunnel light into hard to reach areas of your home.

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