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Slim Line 400-Watt/1,000-Watt Inverter with USB

Slim Line 400-Watt/1,000-Watt Inverter with USB

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  • $ 5995

Creates 400-Watt of energy via a DC power source to power your AC appliances . Motor can handle brief peak surge of 1,000-Watt . Power up to 2 AC and 2 USB devices . Inverter will shut itself to protect from overheating or too high of a load

Wagan’s Slim Line 400-Watt inverter will convert 12-Volt energy from your car into 110-Volt of AC power. Use it to turn on a laptop, tablets, power tools and many other devices. Your electronics will be protected by the device turning off if it gets too hot or if it shorts. With Wagan’s inverter, you can have years of reliable service to power your mobile life style.

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