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6 in. Silver LED Clamp-on Work Light

6 in. Silver LED Clamp-on Work Light

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Heavy duty clamp: wide mouth, articulating clamp attaches securely on uneven surfaces . Multiple uses: great for barbeque, work bench, home or office, also makes a great camp light . Durable construction: made from impact resistant ABS plastic . Metal flex neck: adjusts instantly to aim light, doesn't bounce or move once set in place, neck is 24 in. long to provide full flexibility to direct light as needed . 6 floodlight LED: provides more light and a broader coverage than other multi-LED work lights

Experience the convenience of a hands-free light right where you need it with this Fulcrum 20019-301 clip on work light. Fully flexible metal gooseneck is 24 in. L. Clip the portable light to the edge of a desk when paying bills, a work station when fixing things or working on hobbies, a kitchen counter for extra light over the cookbook, or a barbecue to make sure the kabobs and summer veggies grill to perfection. The versatile, battery operated light means fast, easily accessible light for the task at hand no cumbersome cord or need for an outlet.

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