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24 oz. All-Wheel Cleaner (Case of 12)

24 oz. All-Wheel Cleaner (Case of 12)

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Clinging foam cuts through caked-on brake dust, grease, mud, road tar and more . Safe for all wheel types including mag, alloy, chrome, aluminum, steel, clear-coated, painted, anodized and machined . Over-spray safe for tires and vehicle bodies . Will not deteriorate or discolor clear coats . Restores shine and luster . Biodegradable formula is non-abrasive and non-corrosive . No caustic fumes . Simple spray and rinse application

Simple Green All-Wheel Cleaner removes caked-on brake dust, grease, grime, road tar, mud and other road soils on chrome, aluminum and mag wheels. The non-aerosol trigger sprayer produces clinging foam for superior and safer, non-caustic cleaning and protection for clear-coated, machined and painted wheel surfaces while being over-spray safe for tires and vehicle bodies.

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