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0.85 fl. oz. Clear Quick Set Epoxy

0.85 fl. oz. Clear Quick Set Epoxy

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Works with wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic and most other common materials . 2-part resin and hardener formula makes a permanent bond . Sets in just 5 minutes, cures fully in 24 hours . Comes with a convenient dual syringe that allows for a precise mixture of resin and hardener . Resistant to water, solvents, moisture and impact . Durable permanent bond

Loctite 0.85 fl. oz. Quick Set Epoxy is a water-resistant, crystal clear, permanent 2-component syringe adhesive for large or multi-piece projects that require the highest bonding strength. The bond resists solvents, moisture and impacts. It works with most common materials and can be sanded or painted when cured.

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