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10 fl. oz. White 2-in-1 Seal and Bond Tub and Tile Sealant (12-Pack)

10 fl. oz. White 2-in-1 Seal and Bond Tub and Tile Sealant (12-Pack)

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Easy to use adhesive caulk that both bonds and seals on a multitude of common kitchen and bath materials . Contains BioGuard, an added mildewcide that prevents the growth of mold and mildew on cured caulk . Dry to touch in 10 minutes, fully cures 1-14 days in depending on surrounding temperature and humidity . Paintable to match perfectly with surrounding surfaces . Low odor, easy soap and water clean up . Water resistant once cured, so ideal for humid and steamy areas

Loctite 2-in-1 Seal and Bond Sealant is a premium quality; water based adhesive caulk that provides a water-tight, crack-proof and scrub-resistant seal around sinks, tubs and other kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The adhesive strength of Tub and Tile makes it ideal for installing back splashes and repairing loose tiles. Extra mildewcide is added to fight unsightly mold and mildew growth on the cured caulk so it can be used in humid areas. Cured sealant can be painted. Provides excellent adhesion to ceramic, porcelain, glass, fiberglass composites, enamel, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, many plastics and wallboard.

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