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22 oz. Foam Carpet Cleaner

22 oz. Foam Carpet Cleaner

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  • $ 478

Has a unique cleaning and protective formula to remove ground-in dirt and neutralize odors from large carpet areas and upholstery . Removes 3X more dirt than vacuuming alone . Safely cleans and deodorizes large carpet areas and upholstery . Protects against dirt and the toughest greasy stains while leaving carpet plush and upholstery soft . Leaves your carpets smelling fresh

Keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh with Resolve High Traffic Foam. It is an ideal solution for busy areas like the living room and family room. The unique formula in this high-traffic carpet cleaner makes it easier to clean larger areas. It not only cleans the area, but it deodorizes it to remove odors, as well. It also protects your carpet from damaged caused by dirt and grease stains. After you clean the carpet, you will notice that it is plush and feels soft again. It also helps prevent future problems such as dirt setting deep into the carpet fibers, which will make future cleanup much easier.

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