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Drain Buster - Air Powered Plunger

Drain Buster - Air Powered Plunger

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  • $ 1599

Powerful, pump-activated plunger blasts away hair, debris and food to quickly unclog drains without using harmful chemicals . Comes with 2 interchangeable heads that let you unclog sinks, toilets and bathtubs . Double lip feature on the larger of the suction cup provides for an extra tight grip and seal . Durable construction and dependable quality, in a product that is easy to use . No need to use any noxious chemicals

Be prepared for any Plumbing and clog problems with the easy to use Drain Buster plunger. Clogged sinks, toilets and shower drains are now no problem. The High Quality and JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS bring on-line Customers the best plumbing products for any project. Experts in the field of non-OEM repair parts; JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS offers customers a selection of economic solutions for their every-day home plumbing repairs. The Team at JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS scours North America to bring The High Quality customers unique, hard to find products of the highest quality.

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