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3 Crystal Clear Window, Door, Trim and Siding Sealant

3 Crystal Clear Window, Door, Trim and Siding Sealant

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100% waterproof . Water resistant in 30 minutes . Paintable in 30 minutes . Shrink and crack proof guarantee . Extreme temperature use . Meets ASTM C920 . True crystal clear clarity . Outstanding adhesion to a wide range of substrates . Lifetime guarantee . Low odor . Low VOC content

DAP 3 Window, Door, Trim and Siding High Performance Sealant is ideal for sealing windows, door frames, corner joints, siding, trim, butt joints, baseboards, molding, pipes, ducts and vents. It is paintable in just 30 minutes which helps complete the job faster and saves time. In addition, DAP 3 is 100% waterproof and is water resistant in 30 minutes which reduces the risk of ruining the project by getting the sealant wet too early from incidental rain or water contact. For exterior projects, you can seal up gaps and cracks just 30 minutes before rain is forecasted. Also, DAP 3 offers extreme temperature use so it can be applied in temperatures ranging from 20-°F to 120-°F. DAP 3 is shrink and crack proof; plus, it adheres to just about any surface like wood, metal, brick, glass, vinyl, aluminum, concrete, masonry, plaster, drywall, stucco, stone. DAP 3 also works on surfaces that silicone just can't adhere to like painted surfaces and oily woods.

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