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6 in. Prep Crew Masonry Coater

6 in. Prep Crew Masonry Coater

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  • $ 649

The polypropylene pistol-grip style handle reduces wrist fatigue . Built-in bucket clip eliminate drips by allowing the brush to clip to the side of the paint can . Full size splinter-proof handles for a better grip and added comfort . Use for applying waterproofing or foundation coatings along with roof coatings . Made in USA

When the need arises to waterproof or seal the natural tampico fiber in this brush is strong and pliable for fast thorough paint coverage with all thick-bodied paints, waterproofing, foundation and roof coatings. The tampico filament mix provides high capacity, resists chemicals and solvents while maintaining its stiffness to apply these heavy thick coatings.

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