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AeroSander 120-Grit Sand Paper (6-Pack)

AeroSander 120-Grit Sand Paper (6-Pack)

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  • $ 1296

Extra fine 120 grit is designed for final light sanding and smooth surface finishing . Works faster compared to conventional drywall sandpaper . Extremely durable, no slipping, tearing, curling or clogging of the sandpaper . VELCRO brand hook-and-loop fastener for easy sandpaper changes . Made in USA

The high-production AeroSander sanding tool requires exceptional sandpaper. The Gator Grit sandpaper designed for the Wooster AeroSander provides fast performance. It resists clogging and tearing. The VELCRO brand hook-and-loop fastener holds the paper flat and allows it to be quickly attached or removed.

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