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Cool Tower 4-Nozzle Portable Mist System

Cool Tower 4-Nozzle Portable Mist System

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  • $ 7899

Metal misting bar . 4 brass misting nozzles . Tripod base with telescoping pole . Cools air up to 30°

The totally portable Cool Tower outdoor misting system provides a cool environment from the heat wherever you need it. The Cool Tower comes pre-assembled and connects easily to a garden hose to cool any outdoor living area and even hydrate plants. The Cool Tower doesn’t require any electricity and can be placed virtually anywhere you desire so long as it is within connective range of a working garden hose. Featuring high-quality construction that is height adjustable up to 56 in., a tri-pod base for ultimate stability, and 4 brass misting nozzles, the Cool Tower is the ultimate addition to your outdoor lifestyle. Transform your outdoor area into a cool paradise. Perfect for parties, casual get-togethers or solo lounging. Summer entertaining. Backyard gatherings. Holiday events. Pool parties; dinner hosting; barbecues. Greenhouses and Pet areas and Play areas and more.

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