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Under Counter Repair Plate

Under Counter Repair Plate

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Designed for and by plumbers, JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS developed this new innovation in under-counter repair products . These sturdy polycarbonate mending plates are installed under any counter for added strength and stability for kitchen and lavatory faucet installations . Plates are easy to cut to any shape or size, easily tacked to the underside of any counter by the pre-drilled holes, and has rounded edges for installation safety . Plates have pre-molded holes set for either 8 in. or 4 in. centers, and matching versions with slots for more complicated under counter applications . An economical and effective solution for under counter reinforcement for any faucet installations . Model is suitable for 8 in. centre faucets, with holes

If you are replacing a faucet and find the counter unstable or ruined under the faucet escutcheon plate, you can easily strengthen and repair your counter top with a JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS under-counter repair plate. This plate is made to fit under the counter top of any kitchen or bathroom counter to provide stability, strength and a level surface for your faucets. Use as is, or trim to size and shape needed. The High Quality and JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS bring on-line Customers the best replacement and repair parts. Experts in the field of non-OEM repair parts; JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS offers customers a selection of economic solutions for their every-day home plumbing repairs. The Team at JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS scours North America to bring The High Quality customers unique, hard to find parts of the highest quality.

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