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2 in. Toilet Tank Flapper for Various Toilet Models

2 in. Toilet Tank Flapper for Various Toilet Models

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  • $ 1597

Flapper is especially made to fit and replace 2 in. flappers for Toto and KOHLER brand toilets . Flapper's bulb measures 2 in. and is easily recognizable inside a toilet as it has a distinctive pointed end, similar to the Coast brand style flapper . With sturdy component construction and a stainless steel chain, this flapper resists chlorine and toilet tank cleaners thus offering greater durability and longevity . Just remove the old flapper and replace it with the new JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS, ensuring to match the previous flapper's chain length

Now you can repair your toilets requiring a 2 in. flapper easily and economically with the JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS replacement Toilet Tank Flapper. This 2 in. flapper is made to fit and replace a variety of toilet models including Toto and KOHLER. The High Quality and JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS bring on line Customers the best in replacement and repair plumbing parts. JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS is an expert in the sourcing and manufacture of quality non-OEM repair parts for home repairs. We locate and make available the highest quality hard to find and unique repair parts in North America.

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