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TrueCoat Pro II Airless Paint Sprayer

TrueCoat Pro II Airless Paint Sprayer

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  • $ 34900

Ideal for 4 to 8 qt. projects like walls, ceilings, doors, shutters, garage doors, furniture, railings and decks . Recommended annual usage = 50 gal. (200 quarts) per year . No thinning required and sprays most materials that can be cleaned with water, mineral spirits or paint thinners like latex paints, oil-based paints, acrylics, enamels and solid stains . 15 ft. long cord reduces the need for extension cords on small projects . Tilt-N-Spray pendulum suction tube provides a full motion of spraying from up, down or sideways without losing prime . TrueCoat Pro II is fully repairable to extend the life of your sprayer . Includes 515 TrueCoat reversible tip, 32 oz. cup with cover, 5 liners, pump armor storage /start-up tool, instructional DVD and storage case

TrueCoat II sprayers are the fastest and easiest way to complete your 1 to 2 gal. painting projects. No need to break out the big sprayer for touch ups or small projects like doors and trim. Get the same professional quality finish as Graco's pro stationary sprayers.

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