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6-1/2 in. Cable Knife with Hook Blade

6-1/2 in. Cable Knife with Hook Blade

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  • $ 3392

Adjusts atomically to the respective cable cross-section which prevents damage to the conductor . Cutting depth can be adjusted for different insulation materials . With wire cutter for copper and aluminum wires, multi-stranded up to 7 AWG and single-stranded up to 10 AWG . Smoothly operating mechanism . Replaceable blade and plastic clamping jaws . Light weight . Body: fiberglass-reinforced . Blade: special tool steel, oil hardened . KNIPEX lifetime warranty

The KNIPEX cable knife includes a knife and hook blade for stripping 11-24 AWG. The knife includes a self-locking holding lever and an adjustable screw cutting depth adaptation. The turntable blade is great for circular and longitudinal cutting. The knife has a secure grip due to a soft component material on the handle and a holding lever to avoid slipping.

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