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6 in. Finest Finish Mini Roller with Frame

6 in. Finest Finish Mini Roller with Frame

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  • $ 470

Ideal for edging, trim work, and for painting molding, door frames, and narrow areas . Rollers provide excellent paint pick up, paint release, and paint coverage . Use with all paints, primers, clear coatings and stains (latex, oil, or acrylic) . Painted surfaces are not spoiled by unsightly fuzz, lint, or seam marks

FoamPRO 186 6 in. Finest Finish Mini Roller, 6 in. finest finish mini roller, ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, doors, floors, closets, cabinets. Foam cleans quickly and easily, providing economy through repeated use. Foam conforms to surface irregularities and provides excellent contour coverage.

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