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PC-7 16-oz. Paste Epoxy

PC-7 16-oz. Paste Epoxy

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Can be used to bond, seal or fill most metals, fiberglass, ceramics, brick, block, glass, rubber, fabrics, stone, granite, marble, wood and some plastics . High-adhesive epoxy paste for maximum bonding power . For indoor and outdoor use . 30 minutes of working time and cures for service in as little as 12 – 24 hours . Moisture resistant . Minimal sagging, shrinking or dripping is ideal for vertical and overhead applications . Can be shaped, molded, sanded and painted when cured

The PC Products PC-7 16 oz. Paste Epoxy is a heavy-duty epoxy that can be used for bonding, sealing and filling a variety of surfaces. This maximum-strength formula has virtually no sagging, shrinking or dripping.

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