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2 in. x 13.2 yds. Wood Flooring Tape (12-Pack)

2 in. x 13.2 yds. Wood Flooring Tape (12-Pack)

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Ideal for all types of flooring installations . Builds full strength in 72 hours . Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive technology designed to form a strong, permanent bond . Strong initial tack . Adhesive performs well in a variety of temperatures and conditions, offering excellent heat and solvent resistance . Builds aggressive strength even when exposed to moisture and humidity

Based on proprietary adhesive technology, Titebond Tape provides a strong, permanent bond to nearly any subfloor material, including concrete, primed lightweight concrete, OSB and plywood. Titebond Tape should be used in conjunction with wood flooring starter rows, finish rows under toe kicks, baseboards, base shoes, board replacements, transition strips and all trim pieces. The double-sided foam tape is easy-to-use and saves time with engineered wood and solid wood flooring installations. It greatly reduces time nailing and filling holes. The initial bond strength is aggressive and gains additional strength over time and with exposure to moisture and humidity (from the subfloor, the wood flooring and the air). Titebond Tape is available in two inch-side rolls of 40 ft.–the perfect amount for a typical room.

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