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50 lb. Veneer Finish Setting-Type Joint Compound

50 lb. Veneer Finish Setting-Type Joint Compound

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  • $ 1225

Designed to give economical wall and ceilings a strong, hard surface that resists abrasion and surface cracking . Harder than regular gauging and lime putty finish . Finishes smooth but can be job-aggregated with clean silica sand to create a textured finish . For light commercial and residential construction in single-family homes, high-rise buildings and garden apartments

Diamond Brand Veneer Finish 50 lb. Plaster is formulated for hand application over USG Sheetrock UltraLight imperial gypsum base board. It can also be used as a finish of a two-coat system over a sanded gypsum basecoat. With its strong, hard finish, the surface is capable of resisting both abrasion and surface cracking.

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