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Orang-U-Tongs Trash Gun and Holster

Orang-U-Tongs Trash Gun and Holster

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  • $ 2000

Total weight (Reacher and holster) 15 oz. . Reacher is made from aluminum and stainless steel with plastic handle . Holster is durable ABS plastic with nylon webbing strap . Pick up capacity 5 lbs.

Here is the pick-up tool for those who occasionally need to reach, grab, or pick up litter and other objects during their work day. This combination of the Orang-U-Tongs Folding Reacher and ArcMate Holster saves not only time but also money. Save over 10% when you buy this combination over buying the individual products separately. Orang-U-Tongs Folder (#15585) is a grabber that folds in half for easy storage. The ArcMate Holster (#15705) is where you store your grabber when not in use. That could be like a gunslinger or attached to a riding mower or on the door of a sweeper truck. Always ready to shoot some trash.

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