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24-Hour Plug-In Big Button Timer

24-Hour Plug-In Big Button Timer

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  • $ 697

Automates electrical devices to help save energy and money . 24-hour programmable daily cycle . Mechanical timer with 30-minute programmable intervals . Easy to set up . Single polarized outlet . Manual override ON switch . Works with CFL, LED and incandescent bulbs . Deters crime . Saves energy, saves money

Help keep your energy costs low and feel secure using a 24-Hour Big-Button Mechanical Timer from GE. Effective with any polarized plug, the timer turns your devices on and off with an easily programmable push of a pin. Just push down the pins (ensuring all pins are pulled up first), each representing a 30-minute interval, for the times you want your electrical device to stay on. It features one polarized outlet and an override "outlet on" switch for your convenience, and is compatible with CFL, LED and incandescent light sources. The GE 24-Hour Big-Button Mechanical Timer is perfect for controlling lamps, seasonal lighting or deterring crime when you are away. For indoor use only.

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