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6290-2VVC Size 2 Cut Tip (2-Piece)

6290-2VVC Size 2 Cut Tip (2-Piece)

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Minimizes kerf . Increased cutting speeds, reduces heat input . High-quality cut, reduces after work . Used with low-cost fuel gases . Cutting oxygen SCFH 325 . Plate thickness 4 in.

Harris size 2 Two-Piece natural/propane machine cutting tip with cutting oxygen speed at 100 PSIG has high quality to reduce heat input. Tip cuts 4 in. thick metal and is perfect for general hand and machine cutting. Tip requires 325 SCFH cutting oxygen flow rate, 40 SCFH low preheat oxygen flow rate, 8 SCFH propane flow rate and 20 SCFH natural gas flow rate for cutting metals.

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