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25 ft. 10-2 NM-B with Gauge (Coil Shrink Pack)

25 ft. 10-2 NM-B with Gauge (Coil Shrink Pack)

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25 ft. L . 10-Gauge . 600-Volt . 2 conductors with ground . Indoor residential electrical wire . Jacket color: orange . UL listed . Note: product may vary by store

This 600-Volt, grounded, jacketed NM-B cable wire from Cerrowire is used primarily in residential wiring, including branch circuits for outlets, switches, etc. It can be installed in both exposed and concealed work in normally dry locations, and in air voids of masonry block or tile walls that are not subject to excessive moisture or dampness. It can also be installed in locations with temperatures up to 90?C but with the ampacity limited to that of 60?C conductors. The added circuit is for use primarily in residential wiring for branch circuits supplying outlets located in bedrooms and other areas.

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