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Self Clamping Biscuits Mixed Blister Pack (40 E20-H and 40 E20-L)

Self Clamping Biscuits Mixed Blister Pack (40 E20-H and 40 E20-L)

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  • $ 4500

Connects and clamps with one strike . Curved ridges in the biscuit pull the material together . No clamps required, the biscuit supplies clamping pressure . "H" style biscuits join vertical members for carcass construction and boxes . "L" style biscuits join horizontal members for mitered frames and face frames

Products and systems by Lamello have always been designed for longevity and reliability. This legendary durability is combined with environmental stewardship in view as strict environmental regulations at our production site in Switzerland ensure that all resources are used with consideration, many of them stemming from sustainable husbandry and management. Lamello Self Clamping Biscuits connect and clamp with one strike, curved ridges pull joint tightly together, use with any biscuit joiner. No tool investment and no clamps means no waiting time. Cut grooves in both work pieces simultaneously or use with wood and wood composites. These biscuits are available in vertical and horizontal sizes and are ideal for face frames for doors or furniture, cabinet bases and toe kicks, picture frames, on-site repairs and much more.

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