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4 in. XL-Swan Flat Paint Brush

4 in. XL-Swan Flat Paint Brush

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  • $ 1997

Nylon-polyester bristles provide smooth brush strokes and excellent overall coverage . Can be used with all types of latex and oil-based paints . Long 5-3/4 in. handle and 4 in. width for efficient coverage of ceilings and large surfaces . Designed for maximum paint lift and low drag for a smooth finish . Reusable . Tapered nylon and polyester filaments are as close to natural bristle as possible . Get the right brush-click here to see High Quality's buying guide

For a brush that does it all, choose the popular and versatile XL Series from Purdy. Medium Stiff Nylon/Polyester filament blend designed for all paints and stains.

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