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Assorted Joining Plates and Box (1,000-Piece)

Assorted Joining Plates and Box (1,000-Piece)

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100% harvested beech wood . Defect rate of .0013% (would find one defective biscuit out of 13,000) means no waste . Surface designed to allow uniform glue allocation-high tensile strength . Flat ends: guarantees excess glue remains inside the groove cross ribs for easy insertion . True to size in length and thickness clearly embossed brand name Lamello . Preferred by professional woodworkers

Products and systems by Lamello have always been designed for longevity and reliability. This legendary durability is combined with environmental stewardship in view as strict environmental regulations at our production site in Switzerland ensure that all resources are used with consideration, many of them stemming from sustainable husbandry and management. This Lamello Box of 1000 Assorted Biscuits contains the original Lamello wood joining plates of beech wood, carefully pressed, free of dust and fibers, high tensile strength, fine ground edges. Uses: for joining surfaces, ceilings, frames: butt-jointed, offset or mitered: for all wood types. Includes 500 #20 biscuits and 250 each of #10 and #0.

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