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White Dove 14 in. Wire Mini Roller System (6-Pack)

White Dove 14 in. Wire Mini Roller System (6-Pack)

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Suitable for use with latex and oil-based paints . Durable wire frame . 4 in. W x 3/8 in. nap roller cover designed for trim work and tight spaces . Ideal for smooth to semi-smooth surfaces . Includes a white dove woven dralon fabric roller cover . 14 in. wire frame with ergonomic handle and universal threaded end

Roller covers from Purdy roll over the competition with high quality construction and outstanding features. We select only the best materials in a range of fabrics to meet every rolling need. Whatever the application, roller covers from Purdy carry a large amount of material, apply an even coat of paint and are double vacuumed to be the lint free. White Dove roller covers are made from a woven Dralon fabric to be the most lint free for a smoother paint finish. The Dralon fabric is able to recover to its original shape while painting to continually deliver even coats of paint with virtually no lint left behind on your walls.

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