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16 oz. Oil-Flo 141 Water Rinse Adhesive Remover Spray

16 oz. Oil-Flo 141 Water Rinse Adhesive Remover Spray

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Neutral pH . Low odor . Contains no chlorinated solvents or CFC’s . Colorless, non-foaming . Non-flammable (high flash-point over 141°F) . Rinse with plain water . Slow evaporation for increased working time . Excellent de-greaser for machine shops, vehicle mechanics, tool cleaning . Dissolves cured urethane adhesive, mastic adhesive, asphalt, tar, grease, chewing gum, tape residue, permanent marker and more . Specifications: package contains 1 pint Oil-Flo solvent and 1 spray head

Oil-Flo 141 is a powerful, water soluble solvent that quickly and easily dissolves many hard-to-clean organic stains and substances including adhesives commonly used in flooring installations such as urethane. Oil-Flo 141 will even dissolve cured urethane and hot-melt adhesives from wood, carpet and other finished surfaces for easy removal with a water rinse. Non-flammable Oil-Flo 141 is safer than other solvents and contains no chlorinated solvents or volatile CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). Oil-Flo 141 can be poured directly from the plastic container or by applying with the trigger spray head. Environmentally friendly, Oil-Flo 141 is biodegradable with a neutral pH.

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