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1/4 in. MNPT Metal Freeze Relief Valve with Test Cock

1/4 in. MNPT Metal Freeze Relief Valve with Test Cock

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Model ZWFR should be installed on the downstream test cock or downstream attached piping of any backflow device installed above ground where freezing is a concern, the device is not intended to replace the standard winterization process . Device is best suited to be installed in the vertical down position, but may also be installed at any orientation up to horizontal; orientations above horizontal may cause an ice dam during operation and impair valve function . Maximum working water pressure 175 psi, maximum working water temperature 140°F . Cast bronze body with 300 series stainless steel internal spring, includes 1/8 in. MNPT x 1/4 in. FNPT test cock . IAPMO listed - IGC 163-2001r1

The Zurn Wilkins ZWFR is designed to prevent freeze damage to backflow preventers installed above ground in geographical regions subject to occasional freezing. The valve senses water temperature and opens at 35°F to discharge near freezing water from the backflow device and draw warmer supply water through the valve. The model ZWFR closes when water temperature reaches 40°F.

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