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15 ft. RCA Subwoofer Audio Cable with Gold Plated - Black (5-Pack)

15 ft. RCA Subwoofer Audio Cable with Gold Plated - Black (5-Pack)

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Ideal for connecting subwoofer speakers to audio components, such as stereo receivers or sound systems, while offering excellent bass response and flexibility . A split-tip center pin ensures high contact pressure and signal strength, while unique gripped molding and corrosion-resistant gold-plated RCA connectors provide a consistently tighter fit than commonly rolled cables with wider tolerances . Low-loss, wide spectrum coaxial cable great for the low-frequency signals produced by subwoofers, allowing for deep and precise audio quality . Insulation resistance: ± 5M Ohm, contact resistance: 3 Ohm, dielectric strength: DV 500V/0.1s . Metal housing adds durability; compact housing allows for better flexibility in those tight spaces behind your audio components

Use these cables to connect subwoofers to amplifiers or A/V receivers or for making digital audio connections for devices that transmit S/PDIF signals over coax. Made from premium materials for a pro-grade output. These cables are triple shielded for low-loss over a wide spectrum signal, natural sound and rejection of hum and static that occurs when devices are placed near each other.

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