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250 ft. 2/0-2/0-2/0-1 Aluminum SER Cable

250 ft. 2/0-2/0-2/0-1 Aluminum SER Cable

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  • $ 64125

For use in almost all applications where type SE cable is allowed . For indoor and outdoor use . For wet or dry locations up to 90 degrees Celsius or 194 degrees Fahrenheit . 600-Volt maximum . 250 ft. of cable . Cable assembly and reinforcement tape jackets are made of sunlight-resistant, gray PVC . Sunlight-resistant type XHHW-2 conductors or type THHN/THWN conductors . Aluminum conductors . 1-UL listed

The Southwire Company 250 ft. 2/0-2/0-2/0-1 AL SER Service Entrance Cable is ideally used as panel feeder in multiple unit dwellings. This SER Cable features aluminum conductors. The cable's assembly and reinforcement tape are jacketed with sunlight-resistant, gray PVC.

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