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12 in. Shiitake Mushroom Log

12 in. Shiitake Mushroom Log

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Have fun with this easy to use kit for growing organic shiitake mushrooms . Sweet gum log, food-grade cheese wax, shiitake mushroom spawn . Care instructions are included with each log . Approximately 12 in. L, 4 in. to 6 in. Dia keep this for yourself or give the best gift anyone could get, the shiitake log is the talk of the town . Grow your own shiitake mushrooms at home . Log grown mushrooms are organic and naturally nutritionally which makes these shiitake prized gourmet and health food

This is a (1) 12 in.; Shiitake Log that will give you Shiitake Mushrooms for the new 2+ years. Enjoy the distinctive flavor and texture of fresh-picked shiitake mushrooms. Each hand-cut hardwood log is inoculated with spores that will sprout organic shiitake mushrooms. This mushroom-growing kit lets you grow delicious and healthful shiitake mushrooms at home. The hand-cut hardwood log arrives pre-inoculated. Logs can be stood upright or laid horizontally for growing. Metal plaque on underside of log states date of inoculation. Just soak the log for 24 hours in cold water, mist it occasionally, and watch your crop emerge once the inoculation period is reached. 12 in. long, approx. 3 in. to 6 in. Dia 4 lb. to 7 lb. This strain features a fast spawn run, large, thick, first flush mushrooms with heavy yields. Choose a nice shady spot in your yard for your Mushroom log. When the spawn run is complete, the mycelium takes 6 to 12 Months from the inoculation date to start fruiting. When you can see fine white fibers (hyphae) running through the ends of the log they are ready for fruiting. Some logs take longer than others but we are here to help you grow the most amazing Shiitake mushrooms you have ever tasted. Just ask if you have any questions. First Mushrooms will develop 6 to 12 Months from the date of inoculation. We age the logs for a few months before they ship.

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