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Mini Raised Garden Bed

Mini Raised Garden Bed

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Quick, easy set up – just unfold, fill and plant . Fabric material air prunes the root structure of the plant, promoting better growth . Tough fabric bottom discourages gophers and moles . Reusable – lasts at least 3-5 years . BPA free . Reusable through multiple seasons . Made in the USA

From the makers of the Original Smart Pot, High Caliper Growing introduces the best raised bed in horticulture, the Big Bag Bed. The Big Bag Bed is easy to use with no assembly required. Simply unfold the bed, place on a flat surface and fill with soil. Within minutes you are ready to start planting in your raised bed. The Big Bag Bed is made from a tough, porous fabric and can be used for multiple seasons. Proper drainage is the key to a successful raised bed. Due to the porous fabric, the Big Bag Bed provides excellent drainage. Another benefit to the fabric material is it releases heat during the hot summer days keeping the roots healthy. Traditional raised beds can hold in heat, there’s no aeration, causing an unhealthy root structure for your plants. Create an herb garden in the Big Bag Bed Mini! Plant various herbs like basil, parsley, sage, tarragon, thyme, oregano, rosemary and mint. The Big Bag Bed Mini is also ideal for growing lettuces, onions, shallots, kale, spinach, arugula and strawberries. Garlic also does great in the Mini – Plant in the fall and harvest mid to late July. The Big Bag Bed Mini is approximately 15 gal. and holds 2.1 cu. ft. of mix. With a 24 in. diameter, only 8 in. tall, you’ll have no problem reaching in the middle for planting and harvesting.

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