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12 in. Pop Up Riser Assembly

12 in. Pop Up Riser Assembly

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Use with DIG micro sprinkler spray jet heads, models 110B, 111B, or 112B . Easily connects to 1/4 in micro tubing using a barb connection . Made from durable UV resistant materials for long life in the landscape . Includes a 24 in. of micro tubing with barb connector . Ideal for watering applications that require a small droplet size with low precipitation rates . Slow application of water means less runoff and increased soil absorption . The Pop-up riser assembly has a 24 in. extension of micro tubing and barb . The Pop-up riser assembly can be connected into the 1/2 inch poly tubing using a punch . The 12 inch Pop-up riser assembly shaft can rise up to 9 inches above the ground

The DIG 12 in. Pop-Up Riser Assembly accepts a 90, 180 or a 360-degree threaded micro-sprayer head for use above a flowerbed canopy or any perennial planting. The assembly's shaft rises up to 9 in. above the ground when system is turned on and pressurized. Pop-up retracts when not in use to provide a clean, aesthetic look.

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