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Galvanized 3 in. No-Calk Roof Flashing

Galvanized 3 in. No-Calk Roof Flashing

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  • $ 2960

Galvanized base . Self-sealing collar slides over pipe and requires no caulking . Metal base for pitch from 0-40 degrees or up to 10/12 roof . Do not use petroleum based products or paint on flashing collar . Not for hot-mopped or built-up roofs . Rated 180 F continuous heat and approved for Type B installations

Oatey Galvanized Base Self-Seal Roof Flashings can be used in commercial and residential applications where a watertight seal for roof penetrations around the plumbing vent pipe is required. Roof Flashing slides over DWV pipe for pitch to 40 degree. Made of rust-proof, stamped 24 gauge galvanized steel.

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