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4 in. Black Krim Tomato

4 in. Black Krim Tomato

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Heirloom variety produces dark 6 oz. fruits . Darker in hotter weather . Plant spacing: 36 in. apart in conventional rows, 24 in. to 30 in. in intensive gardens or 1 plant per 18 in. - 24 in. container . Ships in a 4 in. plant-able, biodegradable pot by jiffy

Our Bonnie Black Krim Tomato plant will add rich color and flavor to your tomato harvest. This heirloom variety has great heat-tolerance. Always a favorite in taste tests, Black Krim has a flavor that is described as tangy, rich and sweet. It makes beautiful dark slices. Black Krim is prone to cracking, so be sure to water regularly to avoid fluctuations of water cycles. Vigorous plants grow best with strong staking or tall cages. Plant arrives in a biodegradable pot with a well-established root system and hardened off for easy transplanting in the garden.

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