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Size 21-Washable Ultimate Filter Cartridge

Size 21-Washable Ultimate Filter Cartridge

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99.97% true-HEPA washable filtration removes all airborne particulates as small as 0.3 microns; even those you cannot see . Washable advanced odor control carbon filter (AOC) absorbs and neutralizes offensive pet and household odors; made from natural coconut shell; this enhanced carbon filter is 3 times more effective at removing ammonia and other offensive odors than a standard disposable carbon filter . Washable anti-bacterial pre-filter is a mesh filter that allows air flow while trapping large particles such as pet hair, lint and pollen, this pre-filter helps to extend the life of the true-HEPA filter by capturing these larger particles and impurities, the materials used to create this filter are specifically designed to resist the growth of bacteria . Cleancel anti-microbial product protection helps to reduce 99.9% of bacterial growth on filter . Convenient filter cassette changes for full year of filtration

The new Size 21 Washable Ultimate Filter Cassette. This Filter Cassette offers 1 Full Year of Filtration in ONE easy to replace cassette. It includes a washable pre-filter, a 99.99% True-HEPA filter, our washable advanced odor control washable carbon filter, and is treated with our cleancel anti-microbial coating. This filter cartridge fits comes standard in the U300 signature air cleaner AND fits Winix Air Cleaner Models: P300, WAC9500, WAC9000, WAC5000, WAC6300, WAC5500, WAC5300, and WAC5000B.

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