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11 oz. Smoke Rubber Coating Spray (6-Pack)

11 oz. Smoke Rubber Coating Spray (6-Pack)

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Creates a protective coating that protects against abrasion, corrosion, mild impact, and the elements . Can be applied to nearly any substrate surface . Easy to use . Creates a soft, rubbery, easy-grip surface . Easy to remove from most surfaces when ready to return to original surface . Remains flexible, stretchy, and will crack, chip, or become brittle in extreme weather conditions . Provides protection against electrical shock, vibration, heat, and deadens sound . Resists weather, chemicals, impact, and abrasion . Click here to see High Quality's spray paint buying guide

Plasti Dip Smoke is a special formulation with a translucent, black-gray color. Unique among Plasti Dip varieties, Plasti Dip Smoke's color changes gradually as more coats are added. After just one or two coats, it's a light, smoky gray. Each additional coat gives Plasti Dip smoke a darker, deeper hue from gray to charcoal to black, all with the same distinct smokiness.

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