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1 in. x 2 in. x 8 ft. Clear Thermo-Treated Poplar S4S Board (2-Pack)

1 in. x 2 in. x 8 ft. Clear Thermo-Treated Poplar S4S Board (2-Pack)

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Premium clear American poplar for enhanced quality and walnut-like appearance . Wood is a natural material; each board will vary in wood grain and appearance, which provide you with a truly a unique work of art . Straight, uniform grain that is easy to work with and great for utility applications . Smooth surface requiring minimal labor time and costs for any application . Wood is stainable in any color (it is recommended to use clear finish to accent a natural beauty of wood grain) . Due to dimension stability of thermo-treated wood, the product requires less maintenance . We provide for thermo-treated wood a 25-years warranty against decay even for outdoors applications . Our wood is naturally resists to termites . Our thermo-treated poplar S4S boards have a walnut wood brown color throughout the wood (same color inside and outside) . Thermo-treatment gives the wood a class B fire rated (better than non-treated wood, which is rated as a class C) . Our thermo-treated poplar S4S boards are 100% natural and green - no chemicals used for thermo-treatment . Weight of thermo-treated wood is about 30% lighter in weight than non-treated wood . Very easy and clean cuts and millwork (see our recommendation for working with thermo-treated wood outdoors)

Thermo-treated Poplar S4S Boards are a great way to update your space indoors and outdoors and highlight the special care that has gone into your property. Thermo-treated wood is a natural pure wood material, which was treated under extremely high temperatures 400°F. Due to the molecular changes that occur in the process wood became durable for at least 25-years even in outdoor applications and stable (doesn’t shrink and swell, reduced warping and cracking under changing of moisture conditions). The thermo-treatment process enhances the woods color creating an even brown tint that is consistent beyond the surface. Chemicals are never used, so the timber is 100% Green. Thermo-treated S4S boards add character and warmth to any residential or commercial application. Usage of thermo-treated hardwood increases the value of your home or business estate. Use our Thermo-treated Poplar S4S Boards indoors and outdoors, even in bathrooms and in other high humidity areas, use them for home design and for commercial applications, use them as decoration or for construction, for cabinetry work, shelve frames, deck and other utilitarian uses. Our boards are also great as a trim for other thermo-treated products like 3D Holey Wood wall panels or Holey Wood Reclaimed wood ceiling tiles.

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