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3D Holey Wood 3/8 in. x 5 in. x 24 in. Reclaimed Wood Decorative Wall Planks in Brown Color (10 sq. ft. / Case)

3D Holey Wood 3/8 in. x 5 in. x 24 in. Reclaimed Wood Decorative Wall Planks in Brown Color (10 sq. ft. / Case)

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Wall planks have a real 3d wood structure with deep distressed natural cracks in the wood, in addition the boards are deeply wire brushed and holey wood shows the deepest 3d wood structure ever (# 1 in the market) . Wood is a natural material; each board will vary in color, shade and the way of cracking, which provide you with a wall decor that is truly a unique work of art . Wood been naturally cracked under our special thermo-treatment process . Thermo-treatment makes wood dimensionally stable even in high humidity environment and durable for at least 25-years even for outdoors applications, learn how to get a warranty for your product . Our wall planks have a walnut wood brown color throughout the wood, the wall planks are stainable in any color . Thermo-treatment gives the wood a class B fire rated (better than non-treated wood, which is rated as a class C) . Our wall decor wood planks are 100% natural and green - no chemicals used . When you place planks side to side the seams between them are almost non-visible, 1 case will cover approximately 10 sq. ft. . Weight of 1 sq. ft. of holey wood wall planks is 1.3 lbs. in average . Very easy, fast and clean installation with glue or just nail them to the wall, see installation instruction for details . Holey wood planks are exactly matching to the armstrong ceiling grid structure, so they can be installed as a ceiling upgrade instead of ceiling tiles . Recommended you purchase a minimum of 10% overage to account for design cuts and patterns . Express your personal style by installing holey wood 3D planks both horizontally and vertically . Planks can be applied as full wall, 3-quarter-wall, half-wall and traditional wainscoting

3D Holey Wood wall decoration planks for wall paneling are made with a new generation of wood material, which reproduces a 350-year old structure of wood on a molecular level. We use our special patented thermo-treatment technology (known also as thermo wood) to speed-up aging of the wood. If you compare the cell structure of 350-year old wood with the thermo-treated wood (see on the picture), you’ll see that they are similar. So, we make a real 350-year old wood with our process, but it is a new product. This product creates a unique design solution as wall decals or old-wood fashion interior styles. Holey Wood wall paneling adds character, warmth and a rustic feel to any residential or commercial wall decor. Our wall decor planks have the deepest in the market 3D structure of reclaimed wood paneling. Actually, our planks are better than reclaimed wood, because they have deeper wood structure and also the product is more clean cause it’s made from a new wood, which has been thermally modified (no insects and bacteria in our wood). Change the look of any room by adding the natural beauty of wood to your home decor. Use our wall planks indoors and outdoors, use them for home design and for commercial applications, use as cladding, wainscoting, ceiling (planks are exactly matching to the Armstrong ceiling grid structure), wall decoration, wall art or wall accent, even in bathrooms and in other high humidity areas.

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