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5 sq. ft. Genuine Leather Chamois

5 sq. ft. Genuine Leather Chamois

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  • $ 1770

Tanned with 100% cod oil for maximum softness and absorbency . 100% genuine leather for long lasting performance . Dries streak-free and spotless . French cut . Clear coat safe

The Detailer's Choice 10X02500 Leather Chamois holds a substantial amount of water and covers a large surface area, making it possible to dry an entire vehicle with just one cloth. The chamois dries streak-free and spotless. The genuine leather French cut chamois is made of 100% cod oil tanned sheepskin. Before initial use, the chamois must be washed to reduce lint and ensure long lasting usage. Gently wash the genuine leather chamois in warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Squeeze out excess water but leave slightly wet. When in use, the absorbent chamois will become saturated with water. Squeeze out excess water and continue drying.

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